Rs 189.66 crore wastage, loss and unfruitful of funds by Delhi NCT Government Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal violated the many Acts and rules.

Mid-Day Meal Scheme, Management of Jails, Schemes for Welfare of Persons with Disabilities, Member of Legislative Assembly Local Area Development Scheme and Mechanization of Conservancy and Sanitation Services and 15 paragraphs involving Rs 189.66 crore relating to excess/ wasteful/ unfruitful/ infructuous/ avoidable expenditure, idle investment, loss, blocking of funds, etc.

The Irregularities were detected during the audit by CAG. Five performance audits, i.e.,

The total expenditure of the State Government increased from RS 24319.45 crore to Rs 32726.31 crore, the revenue expenditure increased by 60.90 per cent from Rs 13900.88 crore to Rs 22366.52 crore, Non-Plan revenue expenditure increased by 62.74 per cent from Rs 9158.12 crore to Rs 14904.24 crore and capital expenditure decreased from RS 4717.27 crore to Rs 4707.42 crore during the period   2009-14.

According to the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Government of India report of compliance audit 31 March 2014,

Directorate of Agricultural Marketing, Non-up-gradation of laboratory equipment

The envisaged up-gradation of the State Grading Laboratory (Fruits and Vegetables) was not achieved even after incurring an expenditure of Rs. 89.18 lakh.

Department of Education, Integrated Infrastructure Improvement of Government Schools in

 Delhi (Roopantar)

The project was assigned by the Directorate of Education (DoE) to Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (DSIIDC) without any formal Agreement and detailed scope of work in the absence of which DoE could not ensure that DSIIDC carried out all the work envisaged under the project. An effective monitoring mechanism was absent. Out of 183 schools where works were claimed as completed by DSIIDC, DoE found only 78 completed, 50 under progress, and 55 yet verified by Principal of school DoE released Rs. 343.13 crore to DSIIDC, although the Cabinet approved only ` 272.94 crores for the project.

Department of Health and Family Welfare, Unfruitful expenditure of ` 1.26 crore Four newly constructed residential bungalows in Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital were not occupied for more than five years, rendering Rs. 1.26 crore incurred on construction of these bungalows, unfruitful.

Department of Home Avoidable expenditure of Rs. 70.06 lakh on electricity bills Failure of the Forensic Science Laboratory to assess its contract load in consonance with its actual requirement resulted in avoidable expenditure of Rs. 70.06 lakh.

Department of Labour Delhi Building and Other Construction, Workers Welfare Board

Loss of interest of ` 37.10 lakh: Inaction on the part of the Board and Deputy Labour Commissioners in taking prompt action to recover the cess amount of dishonoured/returned cheques resulted in the loss of interest of Rs. 37.10 lakh. Board recovered Rs. 3.95 crore out of Rs. 4.80 crore was pointed out in the audit.

Public Works Department, Irregular entrustment of work of ` 1.77 crores without calling of tenders Public Works Department, GNCTD, entrusted a work costing Rs.1.77 crore without obtaining prior approval of the Competent Authority and without calling open tenders in violation of the prescribed rules. The work was completed with a delay of 551 days.

Irregular acceptance of award of work The Chief Engineer (MZ-3) and Superintending Engineer (M-35) of PWD irregularly accepted bids of Rs. 13.54 crore for three split-up parts of a single work, in violation of the delegated financial powers.

Avoidable expenditure on the strengthening of roads – Rs. 73.31 lakh

Use of hot straight run bitumen of VG-10 grade, instead of bitumen emulsion of low viscosity on bituminous surface and application of double tack coat instead of a single coat, resulted in avoidable expenditure of Rs. 73.31 lakh.

Department of Transport, Unfruitful expenditure of Rs. 9.85 crore on feasibility studies Expenditure of Rs. 9.85 crore was rendered unfruitful, as the Department of Transport (DoT) did not initiate any action on feasibility reports for the PRT system, as prepared by Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Limited (DIMTS).

Blocking of funds of Rs. 1.47 crore

Inadequate planning for the project of e-challenging in the Enforcement Branch of the Department of Transport (DoT) resulted in blockade of funds to the tune of Rs. 1.47 crore in the purchase of equipment, which was lying idle for more than three years.

The Department entrusted a work costing Rs. 1.77 crore without obtaining prior approval of the Competent Authority and without calling open tenders, in violation of the prescribed rules, thereby failing to get the benefit of competitive rates and extending favour to the contractor.

Department of Urban Development, Operation of Multilevel Car Parking-cum-Commercial Complexes.

NDMC did not follow the codal provisions in appointing consultants. The undue benefit was extended to the concessionaire by allowing the change in retrieval methodology. Concessionaire short – deposited concession fee of Rs. 96.36 lakh. Non- adherence to statutory regulation led to stalling of kasturba Gandhi Marg Multilevel Card Parking cum Commerical complex, blocking Rs. 9.13 crore and loss of Rs. 11.71 crore due to closed surface parking. NDMC incurred a wasteful expenditure of Rs. 1.22 crore as IE’s fee for the stalled project.

Unfruitful expenditure of Rs. 73.85 lakh Failure on the part of Delhi Jal Board in ensuring availability of clear site before approval of NIT and awarding of work resulted in abandoning a project of laying of Sewage Rising Main midway and unfruitful expenditure of Rs.73.85 lakh.

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