The urban development department did an Idle investment of Rs. 2.86 crores on land.

Due to the lackadaisical approach of UDD in taking concrete decisions, a land measuring 3.78 acres, where Rs. 2.86 crore had been invested, was lying idle for 15-16 years, depriving the residents of the Trans Yamuna area of intended facilities.

In March 2000, the Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation (DSIDC) paid Rs. 1.86 crores to DDA for land measuring 3.78 acres and took possession in May 2000 and December 2001 to develop a Socio-Cultural Centre at Central Business District (CBD), Shahdara. In October 2001, DSIDC selected a private agency for conducting a viability study for establishing the Cultural Centre for which Urban Development Department (UDD) paid Rs. 1.96 lakh to DSIDC in January 2002. It further spent Rs. 23.91 lakh in September 2002 for the construction of boundary walls, soil testing, and jungle clearance. However, during the presentation of the viability study (June 2002), UDD withdrew the assignment from DSIDC. Audit observed that from June 2002 to December 2015, UDD could neither finalize the agency for construction and development of the complex nor the mode of funding for the project. During this period, UDD decided the executing agency on five occasions, but changed its decision subsequently, incurring an expenditure of Rs. 20.24 lakh in the process. Besides, it had to incur (April 2013) Rs. 53.81 lakh again for the construction of boundary walls on the land.

In January 2016, it was decided to explore the possibility of generating revenue by allotting the premises, on daily basis, temporarily for organizing functions and marriages ceremonies. However, the terms and conditions for the allotment of space were yet to be finalized by DTTDC as of May 2016.

Thus, the inability of UDD to concretize the proposal for the cultural center before investing in the land and thereafter in making concrete decisions for its utilization resulted in the land remaining idle for 15-16 years despite an expenditure of Rs. 2.86 crore and depriving the residents of the Trans Yamuna area of intended facilities.

The matter was referred to the Government in July 2016 their reply was awaited (December 2016).

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