Himachal Pradesh Govt. monitoring mechanisms are weak at the Department.

Monitoring mechanisms were weak at the Department, ULB and IPH division levels.

Monitoring of sewage management activities was to be done by ULBs, IPH Department, and UDD. Audit observed deficiencies in monitoring as detailed below.

Monitoring mechanism
(i) A district-level monitoring committee under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner had been constituted (October 2015) by the State Government to monitor issues relating to sewage management. The committee was to meet once every quarter and send a report containing action(s) taken and actionable decision(s) to UDD. However, only four105 out of 16 test-checked ULBs were able to provide information on the functioning of such committees, and only seven out of the total 40 required meetings were held in these four ULBs between October 2015 and March 2018. Thus, the monitoring committee which would have addressed local issues such as land disputes, clearances from local authorities, etc., was not functioning as envisaged.

(ii) IPH Department was preparing quarterly progress reports for ongoing schemes, which were also being submitted to UDD for reviewing progress. However, except for two meetings, there was no record of any review or action on the progress of schemes during 2013-18. There was also no record of any direction issued or action for resolving issues such as land disputes, etc. which were holding-up works. Thus, the mechanism of quarterly reports was not serving the intended purpose of providing direction from the senior management for corrective action.

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